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Redistricting Basics
Redistricting Process
Learn how redistricting is done in your state; visit state redistricting web portals.
Redistricting Law & Procedure  
Understand what redistricting is and how its done in the states. Learn the basics of constitutional and statutory provisions governing the redistricting process.

Redistricting for Professionals

Get legal news and policy updates from key litigators, academics and civil rights organizations.

Explore how state legislatures tackle the politics and mechanics of redistricting. Find state redistricting websites and watch public hearings.
Review the academic literature on redistricting and voting rights. Monitor public policy intiatives aimed at the redistricting process.

Redisticting Data, Technology and GIS

Find census data updates, and explore the role of technology in the redistricting process.
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Monthly Redistricting Wrap-Up

Census Maps by State

Redistricting Commission Profiles

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Historic Voting Rights Act Decision

The Supreme Court issued its most provocative ruling affecting voting rights since it began enforcing provisions of the Voting Rights Act over 40 years ago. Monitor the national conversation here at

Shelby v. Holder Resource Page
  What the Shelby Court Did and Did Not Do

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U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives George Washington University
U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing on the "post - Shelby" Voting Rights Act.
U.S. House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the Voting Rights Act Post-Shelby.
George Washington University Law Review Symposium: Voting Rights Act & Redistricting Panel