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BARD: Better Automated Redistricting.
Journal of Statistical Software, By Michael P. MacDonald (George Mason Univ.) and Micah Altman (Harvard)


New Census Data will Help Correct Prison-based Gerrymandering
Brennan Center for Justice Blog April, 25.2011

 Law and Research    Organizations
 The Law of the Census
Columbia Law Professor Nathanial Persily's legal overview of census data and its use in redistricting.
 Independent Redistricting Commissions
NAACP-LDF brochure detailing the law surrounding independent redistricting commissions.
 Litigation in the 2010 Cycle
Prof. Justin Levitts' Website on redistricting litigation at the Loyola Law School
 Redrawing the Map on Redistricting: A 2010 National Study
A white paper by Azavea, a geospatial analysis firm based in Philadelphia, PA., discussing how various measures of district compactness work.
Redistricting Law 2010Redistricting Law 2010 (the Redbook)
The NCSL's thorough review of redistricting case law since 2000. It categorizes major issues in state and federal courts and includes a compendium of state redistricting law.
 U.S. Dept. of Justice; Civil Rights Division
Monitor the activities of the Voting Rights Section and read basic explanations of Voting Rights Act enforcement procedure.
 National Conference of State Legislatures
Read national seminar presentations by legal and technical redistricting experts.
 Brennan Center  
Based in New York, at The New York University School of Law the center describes itself as a nonpartisan public policy law institute. 
»Citizens Guide to Redistricting    Know Your Lines
The Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund- Latino Civil rights organization that devotes a signifigant amount of resources to intitiating and intervening in state and local redistricting litigation.
»The Impact of Redistricting in Your Community
 Claremont McKenna College: Rose Institute
A redistricting reform initiative engaged in public outreach and education nationaly, but with a specific focus on California.
League of United Latino American Citizens - LULAC bills itself as the largest Latino civil rights advocacy organization in the nation.
»Civil Rights Manual 
 Data and Technology    Web Tools
 U.S. Census Bureau: Redistricting Data Office
The official source of census redistricting data for all fifty states. Download or view data from current and past censuses.
 Election Data Services
A political consulting firm specializing in redistricting, election administration, and census data. Site includes reapportionment analyses dating back to the mid nineties.
 U.S. Census Bureau Reapportionment Office
For educational materials on the reapportionment process including the official apportionment formula.
 Maptitude for Redistricting
Software product for redistricting by Massachusetts based Caliper Corp.
Software product for redistricting by ESRI.

A project of Columbia Law Prof. Nathaniel Persily, this site is an internet depository for nonpartisan congressional maps for the entire country.
 Dave's Redistricting App
A popular free, do-it-yourself redistricting tool on the web.
  Redistricting the Nation
An interactive redistricting site focusing on compactness and public involvement in redistricting hosted by Azavea, a geospatial analysis firm based in Philadelphia, PA.